Windows 11 vs MacOS

Microsoft announced the new Windows operating system, Windows 11 recently. Few updates look like macOS, but others seem to hit directly at Apple and its closed ecosystem. Windows 11 vs MacOS is the hotly awaited battle in the tech arena. Let’s see more about Windows 11’s features compared to macOS.

Windows 11 vs MacOS : Design

  • Placed right at the bottom of the screen is what looks like the Dock from macOS
  • Application windows have rounded corners just like in macOS and Mac OS X
  • The new user-friendly widgets look like they are on holiday from macOS

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MAC appreciates some Windows 11 features. In the recent post updated on the MAC page, it is seen that MAC welcomes some Windows 11 designs like animated fun icons. MAC asked customers to choose from a collection of their themes – rather than just Dark and Light – to personalise the interface.

Dock vs Taskbar and Start menu

One of the big changes coming to Windows 11 is the centrally positioned Taskbar, which is suggestive of the Dock on a Mac.

The Windows Taskbar includes the Windows Start button (which used to be in the bottom left of the screen). On a PC the Start menu is where you can access apps, settings, and files and the redesigned Taskbar will include all of this in a cleaner and more intuitive user interface.

Like the MacOS Dock, it appears that the Windows Taskbar will feature shortcuts to the apps you use most frequently, and like the Dock, there will be a shortcut to File Explorer (cousin to the Finder).


Another aspect of Windows 11 that looks like it has been inspired by macOS is Widgets. Widgets are not new to Windows, but the way that Microsoft has updated the interface so that a new Widget tray now pops up on the left of your screen is certainly reminiscent of the way that Widgets and Notifications appear on the right side of the Mac.

Widgets are designed to provide users with important information at a glance, the disappointment for Mac users is simply the fact that there aren’t many widgets available beyond a calendar, clock, news, and stocks. Compared to the Widgets available on iOS this is quite embarrassing.

Windows 11 vs MacOS: Multitasking

One feature of the Window’s operating system that we’ve been craving for a few years now is the ability to snap window layouts.

Sometimes – most of the time – you want more than one application open, but just having it open isn’t enough. You want to be able to see it – to not miss a message in Slack or an important email.

On Windows there is a way to arrange and snap Windows – and it’s getting even better in Windows 11. A Snap Layouts button will appears when you hover your curser over the maximise button. Then you will be able to choose a neat arrangement for the apps on your screen.

Android vs iOS Apps

Windows 11 will introduce the ability to run Android software. Windows users will apparently be able to install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore and use them on their PCs.

You’ll most likely be aware that Apple introduced this functionality with the M1 Macs when they launched in November 2020. So it does look like Microsoft is playing catch up here.

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