WhatsApp is releasing view once feature for photos and videos

Whatsapp launches new

WhatsApp beta for Android and iPhone is bringing the new possible feature to send photos and videos using a view once mode.  This feature will allow us to send photos and videos to vanish when they are viewed the first time.

Exploring the ‘view once’ feature

As the name suggests, this WhatsApp’s new feature will allow us to send a photo/video to a recipient and it will be disappeared in both the user’s media once the recipient clicks to view it.

We can find if the feature is already available for use by just trying to send a photo or video and we should see the view once button in the chat bar:

When we send photos and videos using this mode, screenshots are not blocked, and the sender will not be notified if the recipient has taken a screenshot. So here is the catch. You can take the screenshot if you really must view it another time.

What happens to the photo/video in our device?

When we send the media, it already disappears from our mobile phone and it will also disappear in the recipient’s phone when they open it once. When the recipient opens the photo/video. We will be notified about the same.

Other details, like who opened your photo/video, are available in Message Info.

Feature’s availability

This feature is now available for most of the WhatsApp beta testers. If you have not received this update being a Beta user, do not worry! As WhatsApp will be soon releasing this to all its Beta audience. It just means that the feature is not available for your account yet.

This feature is likely to be useful for business needs, private and secure media sharing. Still to explore more in detail when we use it for practical needs.

We will come up with more details on this feature as and when we receive it, stay tuned!

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