Microsoft introduces Windows 11 : Read about all its features

Windows 11

The most expected Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch event was a great success today. The unusual exciting news is about the Android apps coming to Windows 11 as well. Let us see more details in brief.

Microsoft has been sending out invites and reminders about this great Windows launch for a month and on this wonderful event, they have shared new features and upgrades that we will enjoy in our daily OS  usage.

The proud CEO and Chairman of Microsoft, Satya Nadella shared the pride moment in his words. “I’m excited by what we have shown you today. Throughout its history Windows has been a democratising force for the world.” 

New features

The new Windows version includes a new Start Menu and Taskbar, alongside widgets that will work with developer apps. The Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, has addressed “Windows 11 has a new Start menu and a centered taskbar will be a part of the revamped user interface”.

Microsoft is also introducing Snap layouts to help users with multi-tasking on the new OS. This new generation of Windows is also expected to be more touch-friendly.

There is also an awaiting feature introduced which is about MS Teams integration to Windows 11. Users will be able to video call anyone and it does not matter if the other user is on a different device, or on a different OS which includes MAC as well.

Microsoft has promised its superior graphics with Auto HDR for gaming. Over 1000 games will be automatically enhanced on Windows 11 devices that support Auto HDR. Also, Xbox game pass will be built directly into the news OS with the Xbox app. 

Microsoft has also redesigned the entertainment section in the official Microsoft Store to highlight all the movies, shows available. 

Windows 11 availability

Windows 11 will launch later this year, and it will be available for testing to Windows Insiders next week. The new operating system will be available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. 

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