Twitter now can be charged for users’ posts || Loses status as intermediary

Twitter is now liable for users' post

Twitter has lost its status as intermediary for failure to comply with all the provisions of the rules that came into force on May 25, sources in the Ministry of Electronics and IT said. “Due to their non-compliance their protection as an intermediary is gone. Twitter is liable for penal actions against any Indian law just as any publisher is,” the sources said. “Since they do not enjoy any protection and they did not flag this video as manipulated media, they are liable for penal action.”

Companies such as Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media companies had to comply with additional due diligence procedure. Twitter had made these appointments, however these were revoked. A spokesperson for the company had said that a person was appointed as an “interim” chief compliance officer.

What do Twitter and the Ministry say?

We are keeping the IT Ministry apprised of the progress at every step of the process. An interim Chief Compliance Officer has been retained and the details will be shared with the Ministry directly soon. Twitter continues to make every effort to comply with the new guidelines“, said a spokesman from Twitter.

We have not got any details from Twitter” said the Ministry in response to this.

Way forward

The government had given one final ultimatum to the company on June 5th. However, even this had been missed. The company will now be responsible for tweets published by its users until further communication from the Ministry.

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