Microsoft to end support for Windows 10

Windows 10

Microsoft has announced the End of Life for Windows 10 as 14 October 2025. This is inclusive of all the versions of Windows 10 Home Pro, and the Pro versions for Education and Workstations.

With the launch of the new Microsoft next-generation platform which is to be held on 24th June 2021, the plan for the existing popular OS version – Microsoft Windows 10’s support end date is released. Windows 10 Home and Pro has started its support on 07/29/2015 and it is expected to serve us for a decade till 14th October 2025.

Let us see the releases of Windows 10 – its Start and End date :

In the upcoming releases, it is expected that Microsoft switches to the Windows-as-a-service model so users would get over the air updates, like Android and iOS platforms. In fact, a new version of Windows is also expected to follow the design Google and Apple follow.

Our generation has the greatest connection with Windows 10 as it has lasted very longer than any other Android and iOS versions. We don’t know if the next version will be called Windows 11, or whether Microsoft will come up with new nomenclature, yet.

The new version of Windows is expected to have the experiments of ARM chips, as the company has designed Surface-branded devices which run on mobile chips and a compatible Operating System version. Microsoft did update the OS to support ARM as well, but perhaps a larger revamp of the operating system is in order.

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