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Virat Kohli investment

Virat Kohli also happens to astute with his investment apart from being one of the world’s best cricketers. He is committed and passionate on the field. The same passion and commitment also extends to the world of business where has won several corporate battles.

Virat’s investments

Virat has invested in several business ventures, apart from endorsing global brands such as MRF, Audi, Tissot, and Boost among others.

Virat has invested in the following companies:

  1. FC Goa – Virat’s love for football is well known. This was one of Virat Kohli’s first investments. He had bought almost a 25% stake in FC Goa in 2014 at the tender age of 26
  2. UAE Royals – UAE Royals is a tennis team in which he invested in 2015. UAE Royals is based out of Dubai and is led by the legendary Roger Federrer.
  3. Bengaluru Yodhas – Bengaluru Yodhas is a wrestling team, in which he had invested in 2015. The team competes in Pro Wrestling League (PWL).
  4. Chisel Gym and Fitness Center – In 2015, Virat launched his own chain of gyms and fitness centers for a reported ₹90 crores. The chain is co-owned by Kohli, Chisel Fitness and CSE.
  5. Stepathlon Kids – Virat invested in this company in 2016. The company emphasizes on tackling fitness issues that affect kids.
  6. Wrogn – Virat entered into the lifestyle segment in 2014 with Wrogn. The brand has a tie up with Shoppers Stop and Myntra.
  7. Sport Convo – Sport Convo is a social network app that allows sports enthusiasts to connect and catch up with other like minded individuals.

Investment Lessons from Virat Kohli

Diversify, diversify, diversify

If one carefully goes through the list of investment made by Virat Kohli, you will notice that they are spread across different segments. He has invested in sports, fitness, lifestyle and social network. Diversification helps to protect your wealth and ensures that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Also read Investment lessons from Dhoni

Calculate the risk-reward

No reward comes without risk. The trick is to ensure that the risk is not to great. One has to maintain a fine balance between the risk taken to obtain the sought after rewards. Too big a risk can cause your downfall, and too small a risk will stunt your growth.

Start early

Virat started his investment journey at the young age of 26. He has ever since reaped the benefits of his investment and will continue to do so. Starting early can help one realise the benefits of compounding, where your money works for you.

Plan for retirement

It is never too early to plan for one’s retirement. Virat realising the short span of an athlete’s career had started building multiple sources of income to support him once his career is over. This would enable to him lead a peaceful life without worrying about his income and retirement.

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