Investment lessons from Dhoni

Investment lessons from Dhoni

MS Dhoni is known for his calmness in the face of adversity. No amount of pressure has ever affected “Captain Cool”. There are several investment lessons one can learn from Dhoni and the way he handles difficulties. Like many atheletes, he too has turned his attention to different ventures.He is now not only a sporting legend but a businessman as well. As the years have gone by, he has invested in various arenas from sports to organic farming to start-ups. Also read How to escape the debt trap?

Investments of MS Dhoni

  1. SEVEN : Dhoni holds ownership of the footwear section of the lifestyle brand.
  2. CARS24: He has an invested in the online marketplace for used cars.
  3. Chennaiyin FC : It is a Chennai based football club. The club competes in the Indian Super League.
  4. Ranchi Rays : Dhoni co-owns this hockey team.
  5. Mahi Racing Team India : He is a co-owner this Supersport World Championship team.
  6. Neo Global : He is a stakeholder in this organic fertilizer company.

Investment lessons from Dhoni

Patience is key

One of the first things that one notices about Dhoni is his patience. Similarly in investing too, patience is important. By being patient one can enjoy the benefits of compounding that build over a period of time. There may be several instabilities and uncertainties in the market. The best way to tide over these is to plan and be patient.

Know yourself

In the corporate world we all discuss about SWOT. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is very important for one to know and understand oneself intimately to succeed. You need to be aware about your budget, and upcoming expenses. Only then will you be able to plan accordingly to seize any opportunity that may arise.

Get the right mentor

Mentorship and training is very important. No one has the time to make all the mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes you have to use the mistakes of others to teach yourself a lesson. Getting a financial advisor, reading are all good ways to groom yourself.

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