Tamil Nadu imposes restrictions amid rise in Covid-19 cases

Tamil Nadu Covid-19 restrictions

With the Tamil Nadu elections having just concluded, the state government has now introduced heightened restrictions on the state to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The state was one of the worst hit in the first wave of the pandemic, and seems to be heading the same course the second time around as well.

The number of Covid-19 cases in the state has risen quite rapidly. The state government, in an official release, blamed the non-adherence to the safety norms for this.

Below are the list of new restrictions that come into force from April 10th.

Restaurants and tea shops can also remain open till 11 pm, but operate only at 50 percent customer capacity.

Only 50 percent seating will be permitted at cinema theatres in multiplex, recreation clubs, entertainment and amusement parks, zoological parks and museums.

Social, political, educational, entertainment, sporting and cultural events will be allowed in indoor venues. The maximum capacity will be 200 people only.

For outdoor stadiums, the government has allowed the events to take place but in absence of spectators.

Swimming pools can be used only for sports training purpose.

Not more than 100 persons would be allowed at wedding ceremonies, and only up to 50 at funerals.

Exhibition halls are allowed to operate from only business to business events.

While public transport will remain available, standing passengers will not be allowed in government and private buses. The restrictions will be applied to the widely used MTC buses in Chennai.

In taxis, the government has capped the number of commuters to only three. In auto-rickshaws, only two passengers can commute together.

Tamil Nadu is now the second state after Maharashtra to issue a stringent list of restrictions to curb the spread of Covid -19. It is believed that the restrictions would become more stringent if the number of Covid-19 cases in the state does not reduce.

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