COVID 19 Vaccine : Get notified when it is available

Covid 19 vaccine

With the Government of India opening up registration for COVID 19 vaccine for all adults, there has been a rush to get vaccinated. Several people have complained of not being able to get a slot to be vaccinated.

In this website called VaccinateMe, powered by HealthifyMe, one can check for availability of COVID 19 vaccine slots in their locality. If one is not able to get a slot immediately, one can enable to be notified as soon as a slot opens up. This website connects to the COWIN app and provides updates to all.

  • Select your state/ Pincode
  • Select your district (Not required if you have entered your pincode. You can proceed to point 3)
  • Click on “Search Slots

  • You will see the list of slots available in your locality, day-wise

  • If there are no slots available, the below screen will appear. You can click on “Notify Me when a slot opens up”

  • You can Choose to be notified via Whatsapp or Email

  • If you wish to be notified via Whatsapp then you can enter your mobile number

  • If you wish to be notified via Email, then you can enter your email ID

You can also check for the hospitals who have any beds available here.

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