COVID-19 India: List of websites to check hospital bed availability

Covid 19 India

With the second-wave of COVID-19 spreading rampantly in India, shortage of oxygen, medical equipment and essential drugs such as Remdeviser have added to the suffering of all in the country. The country has today recorded the highest number of deaths at 3,584 ever since the pandemic began.

Several state governments, civic authorities and volunteers are updating the list of available beds at hospitals in real time to ease the pain of all. With several people posting on social media and reaching out to all their contacts in search of hospital beds, the below list should make life a little bit easier for all.

Below is the state-wise list of websites where you can find the list of available beds at hospital and also provide other vital COVID related data:

Gurgaon :

Delhi :

Bangalore :

Thane :

Telangana :

West Bengal :

Andhra Pradesh :

Ahmedabad : ,

Pune :

Vadodara :

Nashik :

Nagpur :

Madhya Pradesh :

Uttar Pradesh :

Bhopal :

Rajasthan :

Haryana :

Tamil Nadu :,

Right now, the only way to contain the spread of COVID-19 in India seems to be to wear mask, maintain social distancing, sanitize our hands regularly and get vaccinated at the earliest. With the government making vaccination available to all adults in the country, here is how to register for vaccination.

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