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Personal Finance Tips

Personal Finance Tips for FY 2020-21

Last year businesses collapsed, healthcare expenses shot up, lost jobs, interest rates dropped, and stock markets gyrated wildly. As you draw up a plan for managing your personal finance in the new financial year,...

Trying to escape a debt trap

How to escape the debt trap?

Due to the easy availability of money in the current age, several millennials tend to take rely on credit to fund their lavish lifestyle. Very soon the debt spirals out of control and they are left facing a mountain to climb to become financially independent. At that time they ponder hard on how to escape the debt trap. Just like quicksand, one can be very quickly sucked into a debt trap if the debts are not monitored judiciously.

Financial resolutions for 2021

Financial Resolutions for 2021

At the turn of every year, we make several resolutions to improve our physical, mental, and professional health. However, the one thing most of us tend to overlook is our financial health. Many of us have developed the habit of procrastinating when it comes to improving our financial health. In 2021, let us make a few resolutions to improve our financial well-being.

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Gold prices set to surge in 2021

Gold is usually looked on as a safe haven for several investors in times of difficulties and uncertainties. Amid the growing threat of rising Covid-19 infections and weak American dollar gold prices are expected to surge further in 2021. This year was a perfect example of why investors need to practice asset allocation and consider having gold as part of their portfolio.

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How to asset allocate?

The burning question on everybody’s lips during the pandemic is “How to asset-allocate to ensure a bright future?”. Many have seen their wealth erode by being too “equity-heavy” or have seen inflation eat away...

Logo of India's largest banker, SBI

SBI e-auction for foreclosed properties

SBI, the country’s largest banker is planning to conduct a massive e-auction on December 30, 2020, for mortgaged properties. If one is looking to obtain a prime property at a value much lower than the prevailing market rate, this SBI e-auction would be a god-send opportunity.