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Government considers imposing 18% GST on Bitcoin trade

Bitcoin has had a stellar run this year, after recently scaling the $20,000 summit. It is now trading at $26,500 after having hit an all-time high of $28,000. Seeing this growth, the government too wants a piece of the action and is mulling over imposing 18% GST on Bitcoin trade. This move is a U-turn from the government’s previous stance where it had declared Bitcoin as being illegal. Imposing a tax on cryptocurrencies would legitimize all transactions and increase the acceptance and usage of cryptocurrencies.

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How to asset allocate?

The burning question on everybody’s lips during the pandemic is “How to asset-allocate to ensure a bright future?”. Many have seen their wealth erode by being too “equity-heavy” or have seen inflation eat away...

Bitcoin scales new heights

Bitcoin scales new heights

Earlier this week, Bitcoin scaled new heights to touch a fresh all-time high price of $20,696. It has taken Bitcoin 11 years to reach this major price milestone. In late 2017 Bitcoin attempted to...