Byju’s partners up with Google

Byju's partners with Google

India’s biggest online learning app, BYJU’s had announced its biggest collaboration with Google today. This partnership is aimed to integrate Google Workspace for Education with Byju’s Vidyartha. This will provide a collaborative and personalised digital platform for learning.

Privileges and offerings of this learning platform

This joint learning platform is declared to be given for free to all educational institutions. Educators enrolled in the programme can provide remote learning to their students through Byju’s math, science pedagogy and learning solutions.

Geared to enable convenient learning, the platform also features access to Google Classroom and Google Workspace for Education. This should add special privileges to Google’s DocsSheetsSlides, and Forms

Access distribution to Schools and Users

Bjyu’s said that every school signing up would get official email IDs for all faculty, students, and admin staff. The platform will also provide end-to-end Classroom management and help organise, access, and track virtual classroom learning.

Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operating Officer of Byju’s shared this happy news to the Student community!

“Through our partnership with Google, we are aiming to aid this digital revolution and equip our educators with the necessary technological and learning assets to ensure continuity of education. We are truly excited to collaborate with Google and believe that our partnership will be a key facilitator in the new wave of re-defining the future of learning,”

There is a favouring update from Google shared by Bani Dhawan, Head of Education – South Asia

With the rapid move to online learning and teaching, educators today are increasingly looking for more meaningful ways to bring their lessons to life, and we hope this offering makes online classes that much more engaging and fulfilling”.

This tie-up between BYJU’s and Google is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of students and teachers, especially with the Covid and lockdown situations in India.

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