Author: Mark David

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Gold prices set to surge in 2021

Gold is usually looked on as a safe haven for several investors in times of difficulties and uncertainties. Amid the growing threat of rising Covid-19 infections and weak American dollar gold prices are expected to surge further in 2021. This year was a perfect example of why investors need to practice asset allocation and consider having gold as part of their portfolio.

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IPOs to watch out for in 2021

Having seen the tremendous success enjoyed by IPOs such as Burger King and Mrs. Bectors Foods among others in 2020, there are quite a few exciting IPOs to watch out for in 2021. Some of these IPOs can be applied for listing gains and some for a long term holding. There are many hot IPOs in the 2021 pipeline, some of which are well-known brands and some are diamonds in the rough.

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How to asset allocate?

The burning question on everybody’s lips during the pandemic is “How to asset-allocate to ensure a bright future?”. Many have seen their wealth erode by being too “equity-heavy” or have seen inflation eat away their wealth by holding too much cash in hand.Since not all assets carry the same risk reward ratio, it is very important to have the right combination of assets to ensure achievement of goals and financial freedom.

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